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Originally from the American Midwest, since 2003 Andrea's research has lived under the banner The Response(Ability) of a Designer, which explores how design methods enable designers to respond to problems, issues, opportunities regardless of domain or media.

Andrea Wilkinson / Originally from the American Midwest, since 2003 Andrea's research has lived under a banner she terms 'The Response(Ability) of a Designer', which explores how design methodologies enable designers to respond to problems/issues/opportunities regardless of domain or media. In 2004 she moved to Hamilton, New Zealand where, for nearly 6 years she worked as Senior Lecturer and Graphic Design Coordinator for the School of Media Arts. In 2010, she took a position at the LUCA School of Arts, in Genk, Belgium where she teaches across the design curriculum. As researcher within the Interactions/Social Spaces Research Group, she is primarily involved in the topics of narrative in public space as well as how design can support people with dementia. Next to this she is currently doing at PhD at the School of Design at the University of Leeds looking at how one to one design can enrich Graphic Design practice.

She has edited two books on desing:   Keep Delete; turning messages into keepsakes and The means by which we find or way; observations on design.

Special thanks: None of this research would exist had it not been for the shared interest in both design education and dementia of Niels Hendriks.

Guest Professor: Graphic Design & CMD
Researcher: Interactions/Social Spaces Research Group
LUCA School of Arts, University, Campus C-Mine, Genk
PhD Student: University of Leeds, School of Design

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